Plastic cards

NCS operates a complete technology cycle for the production of laminated plastic cards, including offset printing on plastic sheets, laminating, and punching. Cards are produced on modern imported equipment, using high-quality calendared PVC sheets, which allows us to produce cards conforming to international standards.

Our technology allows us to produce cards of the highest quality and to fulfill any design requirements, which is impossible using other methods of plastic card production.

Our capabilities:
  • full-color printing;
  • full-color printing with gold and silver design elements;
  • transparent cards with full-color printing;
  • transparent design elements on the card;
  • security using ultraviolet inks. Certain elements may be printed with ink visible only under ultraviolet light;
  • mataic foil hot stamping; application of HiCo and LoCo magnetic stripes. A magnetic stripe may placed at the standard location or anywhere on the card (in the middle, for example);
  • various types of signature panels (transparent, secure or standard);
  • application of holograms.


NCS Company is the one of the largest manufacturers of plastic cards in Russia's Northwest Region.
Having released our first card in 1992, we continue to master new technologies and increase production capacity.

Today NCS occupies a firm position in the plastic card market.

At present we operate a complete high-technology laminated plastic card production line, NCS products comply fully with international standards.

Offset and silkscreen printing is done on high-quality Lucchesi plastic (Italy) with thicknesses ranging from 0.10 to 0.40 mm, which allows us to make cards ranging from 0.3 to 0.85 mm thick.

In 2002 we mastered the production of contactless smart cards and we currently deliver contactless cards comforming to the MIFARE and EM-Marin standards.

A large number of embossers, thermoprinters and other personalizing equipment allows us to fulfil orders for plastic card personalization quickly and to a high standard of quality.

In addition to the production of cards themselves we deliver complete plastic-card based systems, including necessary software and equipment. Such systems include discount card systems, local payment systems (for clubs, restaurants, etc.), and access control systems.

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